Things You Need to Know About Your Upcoming Santa Visit

Please NOTE:
Some information is for big events and some is for small events

We want to cover all the bases and ensure all our clients have a GREAT visit!

We want to make sure we have it all. PLEASE fill in the Santa Supplemental Info Request e-mailed to you when you booked your Santa visit.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT pieces of information you can provide is the cell phone number of the event’s ON-SITE contact person. We always try to text updates as we get closer to arriving at the event location.

If so, please limit the size of the bag to the equivalent of one 33-gallon size trash bag (we highly recommend using a 33-gallon size trash bag). If you have more than one bag’s worth of presents, please leave the remainder of the gifts under the tree so Santa can pull them from there when he does his lap visits.

Let’s be honest here, Santa doesn’t need to get a hernia trying to bring in multiple bags of presents. (He’s getting old and doesn’t always have an elf along for help.)

Santa WILL bring a proper Santa Bag to place the garbage bag into so he doesn’t look like he just came from the streets with your presents.

Please make all gift tags LARGE, easy to FIND on the present (preferably place them right next to a bow), and easy for Santa to read.  He’s old and getting a bit near-sighted. Santa MAY ASK for an assistant to hand out gifts so that he can spend more time engaging with your children and less time digging through the presents like a looter.

If you are providing specialty hand outs or gifts, please let us know all the details (e.g. “They are under the tree, all blue boxes for boys, all pink boxes for girls” –  you know, stuff like that…) 

Santa is happy to accommodate all requests (such as a special song, a tableside visit, etc.) within reason and within his capabilities. Please let us know in advance if you have any requests. If you have any additional requests on the day of Santa’s visit, please let Santa know immediately upon his arrival and he will do his best to accommodate them.

Please do NOT put Santa by a HOT FIREPLACE – his suit is warm enough! While a photo or two in front of the roaring fireplace is ok, make sure that Santa’s eventual sitting spot is NOT a place where he will turn into a BBQ Brisket and eventually pass out from the heat. It’s not a pretty sight.

Santa NEEDS to park his ‘sleigh’ NEAR your event. A 3-block walk from his ‘sleigh’ to your event location never ends well for Santa.

Also, Santa NEEDS to park for FREE as he NEVER carries exact change or bills larger than a Zero-Dollar Bill. If there is ANYTHING we need to know about Santa’s parking arrangements, please tell us ASAP.

If valet parking is available, please arrange and pre-pay for it (if required) before Santa arrives for his visit.

City of Chicago parking has been known to almost cause Santa to have a heart attack. Santa hates to be late, so please make sure we know EXACTLY what needs to be done regarding parking, so you can rest assured that Santa can make it on time and without any issues. Please let us know if there are any special parking and arrival procedures that Santa must follow on the day of his visit.

Please be sure the walkway to Santa’s entrance door is clear of snow. Santa will generally park away from the house and walk up so no one sees his ‘sleigh’ and it’s easier to do if he doesn’t have to trudge through the walkway your husband was too busy to shovel. 

You WILL be charged for your Santa visit even if Santa spends the entirety of it laying in front of your house being treated by paramedics for the slip, trip, and fall he suffers because of an unshoveled and unsalted walkway.

In most cases, Santa will arrive in his ‘dress reds’ ready to rock and roll. For drive times of an hour or more to an event, Santa may need to ‘become Santa’ at your location.  In this case, Santa will arrive earlier than normal for your event (at no extra charge) and will require a PRIVATE DRESSING AREA that has, at minimum, a table, a chair, and the ability to get ready behind a closed door. Bathroom stalls, broom closets, or other tiny spaces are NOT an option for Santa’s preparations. Santa deserves better than that, don’t you think?  This will be addressed prior to your event if it is necessary.

During the performance Santa may need a secure location for his ‘stuff.’ Also, if Santa has changed into his costume at your location, we require that Santa’s ‘dressing room’ is secure so his ‘stuff’ doesn’t get lost or stolen.

With visits longer than an hour at your location, Santa will require one 5 MINUTE BREAK every 30 minutes OR one 10 MINUTE BREAK every 60 minutes. This can be decided upon based on how the flow of visitors will occur at your event. You will be charged extra if Santa does NOT receive his breaks. Breaks are mandatory for visits longer than an hour and allow for Santa’s necessities (drink, snack, bathroom break, etc).

We require that Santa be allowed to take at MINIMUM a 10 minute break on the hour for necessities (drink, bathroom, etc).

For any event where you expect the formation of a line to visit with Santa, we highly recommend having a ‘person-in-charge’ to check on Santa when he’s busy and manage any line that may form.

Please Note: If you expect needing a helper for Santa and you will not have a person available to do so, we will be happy to provide one of Santa’s elves for an additional booking fee.

Please provide a break area away from the public in order for Santa to be able to grab a drink of water and use the restroom if needed. If there is only a public restroom available for use, please provide an escort to be sure Santa is not spotted using the facilities. Basically Santa needs someone to ‘watch the door’ for him.

Please remember:  The title of the song is NOT “All I Want for Christmas is to Watch Santa Potty…’

Please have some water or other non-alcoholic beverage available for Santa during his visit. Santa may bring his own to keep his voice fresh and ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ loud and strong, but having water available as well is always appreciated. ‘Lost Voice Santa’ is not a pretty thing.

As a rule, Santa will try to take his breaks when things are not so busy that it would take away from the customer experience. Breaks are at the discretion of Santa during longer visits and MUST be allowed to give Santa the ability to ‘freshen up’ when necessary. Santa visits are a high energy activity requiring Santa to be at his best at all times. Please allow him the breaks to make this goal a reality.

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